Thursday, March 29, 2012

March is driving me mad

No March madness excitement for me but March sure is driving me mad. I'm so glad March is almost over. I'm sick of this temperamental weather. Literally I am just sick from the constant weather changes. It gives me migraines and turns out my MS doesn't like it much either. The beginning of March I was fighting against the snow and ice but lately I have been fighting against the heat. 

I have never handled heat well. Getting heat stroke on many family trips was evidence of that. It doesn't matter how much I drink, I don't sweat. Even when I ran a half marathon I didn't break a sweat. On the rare occasions where I do sweat it doesn't cool my body off. So I gave up my childhood dream of being a paleontologist and I try to drink more. Turns out when you have nerve damage you become even more sensitive to the heat. The warm days lately have been making my head foggy and my hands numb. Anything above 78 degrees and I start to melt. 

Most people with MS struggle with the heat but I'm lucky and my MS affects me in cold as well. My numb feet can't detect ice so I just walk like a penguin everywhere. And if the temperature drops less then 34 ish it makes my spasticity much worse. Do you remember the old GI Joe miniatures? The ones with the rubber bands as legs muscle? If you stretched their legs too far the rubber band would snap and then they became a wounded solider with one less leg. Well that's about how I feel when I walk in the cold. I mean my leg doesn't actually snap off but it feels like it is going to.

So I'm ready for Wisconsin weather to pick a season or just stay at 70 all the time. So glad March is almost over. And another reason I'm excited for April is then it is only a few days til we leave for China!


  1. What's the reason that you don't sweat again??

  2. Not really any reason behind it, I just don't. Apparently I was just born that way or so the doctors say.