Wednesday, August 17, 2016

 So I'm back home now and things are going pretty well. There have been some minor issues come up but we knew that was a possibility. I was struggling with some high fevers which made thinking more difficult. Now I have have Strep throat and maybe some other infection; needless to say, I have fallen behind on blogging. I know people want more details on how I am doing and my experiences in the hospital and it is coming, just slowly.
In the mean time I found some more pictures from my Stemmie Birthday I thought I would share.

Stem cell infusion starting

Alan did a wonderful job watching over my infusion to ensure everything was done safely. I was fantasized watching the stem cells start to enter my IV. It is a bit hard to see but the stem cells are in plastic bag and look like strawberry flavored applesauce. You can see some of the infusion pump in this picture. 

I know in a previous blog post, I mentioned how my Stemmie Birthday was cool but didn't really feel like a life changing moment. I didn't have the emotional reaction that others have had and after talking to some other vets, I realized that as good as this moment was it isn't about this one day. To me, this whole process has been pretty life altering. So please don't mistake my previous comments, I am eager and hopefully for this treatment. I think it is my best chance at moving forward with my life that will hopefully be less impacted by MS. 
Stem cell Birthday donuts to celebrate
And don't get me wrong we did celebrate the Birthday. It just didn't hit me as hard as it did others and as much as I was expecting. It was still a good moment. 

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