Monday, February 27, 2012

School update

School has been going alright now that I am going to the correct campus. And I have not done the wrong homework for awhile. Silly classes taught by the same teacher with very similar coursework. At least it was going pretty well until this last week. 

All the sudden on Tuesday I had numbness and pain in my right foot. We were supposed to have a class field trip that day. The professor and I spent a lot of trying to figure out how the field trip would work so it won't be too much walking before I had to drive again and then I wasn't even able to drive to the field trip. It is good I didn't try to drive because my the end of the day, I wasn't able to put any pressure on my foot without a good dose of pain. Thankfully, the professor is going to go overview the highlights with me tomorrow. 

But my MS decided that it needed to interrupt my homework schedule even more. On Wednesday, my right hand was in so much pain it felt like my fingers were broken. No idea what caused this. Sometimes I still have hand muscle cramps from over use but it wasn't like that. It just hurt if I moved my hand at all. This pretty much through Friday so I really wasn't able to get any homework done. The super bad fatigue didn't help either. I managed to just barely finish all my homework by working the whole weekend. It looks like my workload is only going to increase from here so I hope my MS will start behaving a bit more. I'm so grateful that most of my classes are online otherwise I would be crazy behind right now. Right now it's all A's and I'm  keeping up with the coursework. 

I have news about my last brain MRI and neurologist appointment. I'll post more about that later hopefully with some sweet looking pictures. I have some other exciting news that I'll share soon as well. In the meantime, enjoy this video.

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