Sunday, February 5, 2012

First day back

I certainly hope my first day of school was easier then my first day going back to school. I don't remember anything about my first day but somewhere their is a goofy picture with me and a backpack that looks giant on me. It very well might have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack. 

Back to the land of 2011. Err 2012. Don't worry I'll stop 2011 on things in a few months. So I went to school early to pay tuition. It was a nightmare, they have overcharged me three times right now. After a brief lunch I went off to find my classroom. I'm a nerd so I always arrive super early so I can sit right up front. I went to the A building where my class was and room 120 was a small lounge area filled with vending machines. Didn't quite seem like the right place so I walked the couple blocks back to the main building. My schedule did say main building a120. Walked around for awhile and discovered that a120 was the where it said conseling. I was even more confused because I had no clue where my class was supposed to be and shouldn't the sign say counseling not conseling? Against my instincts I went in and asked for directions. Yep my schedule said main building a120 alright but in Oak Creek. I was in West Allis. And class started in 10 minutes. 

I quick got directions and hit the road. I got totally lost. I may have entered Illinois briefly. No clue where I went or how I got there. I frantically called the hubbie. Luckily I caught him during lunch and he picked up (apparently I have a habit of getting lost and calling and needing directions right when he is in the middle of a meeting). With directions I was on my way again until I ran out of gas. It's ok I pulled into the gas station just in time. I made it to class and I was only over an hour late. Google says it is a 20 minute commute. 

It was a rough first day back. I was exhausted and in pain from all that wandering around trying to find the write room at the wrong campus. I was ready to just go home and skip the class. It was really making me question whether or not this going back to school thing was a good idea. At least I didn't really miss much in class. The rest of the class worked on a get-to-know-you-partnership. I had to do a short write up instead. 

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