Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm a food werewolf

I am a food werewolf. I feel bad for the innocent bystanders on Friday. I wasn't allowed to eat because I got to enjoy a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. I was very cranky and I apologize to the nurses and my husband. Turns out not eating or sleeping at all during a relapse makes my MS REALLY bad. When it was time to leave, my entire body hurt. Even the muscles in my tongue felt strained. Everything hurt. Spending 10 minutes asking me if my pain is a 9 or a 10 doesn't make me feel any better. Those pain scales mean nothing. Here is a much more accurate pain scale. The funny thing is that I wasn't even necessarily looking for pain meds, I really just wanted them to stop asking me questions. Thankfully once I ate and slept some I felt much better. I'm adding that experience to the "I'm never doing that again" list.

Appointment with the neurologoist went well. After talking to the doctor for a little bit it seemed pretty clear that there really is no way to compare all the medications head to head and the way I did it was the best method possible. As it turns out the medicines are all pretty similar so I was anguishing for nothing. Right now it is hard to know how an individual will respond to any given treatment. Until we know how treatments will work for individual patients, the only approach is guess and check. Since everything seemed so similiar I decided that I would try the magic pill, Gileyna. Now I just have to make sure that my heart can handle it and hopefully I will be on my new meds soon.

But of course it is never that's easy. I have to get my eyes checked out as well and I can't get an appointment for a month. I knew there would be delays no matter what and I'm trying not to let it bother me. Pending there are no hang ups from insurance, the drug company, and my test results hopefully I will start my medication within a month. Just give me my drugs already, geez.

We also learned that the random vertigo and motion sickness stuff I was experiencing at the beginning of the year was caused by another relapse. It is kinda weird to look at a MRI scan of your brain and know that the cloudy area on your brain stem is what made you so sick.

Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. Just got an iPad (free thanks to the hubby's work) and I am still getting used to typing on it. It does make using the computer a lot easier on me. Using a regular keyboard before was making my hands hurt a lot because of spasticity issues that were making it difficult for me to open or use my hands. It is also convenient timing since I recently broke the hubby's laptop when I couldn't feel my hands. Oops...


  1. Wow. Broke his laptop because you couldn't feel your hands? Would love to hear the details on how you did that!

  2. I'm not totally sure how it happened. I was carrying the laptop to go plug it in. One minute it is in my hands the next it is laying on the ground making beeping noises at me. I didn't feel myself drop it. I just kinda looked down and it wasn't in my hands anymore. I blame gravity.