Sunday, October 30, 2011

They see me Rollin', they hatin'

I have been using those electric carts at the grocery store for at least a month now and I have discovered that they universally suck. I will admit it was fun the first time or two (I do think jousting in these would be fun) but the novelty quickly wore off.

This is what the stores should provide but with a basket of course
There is always something wrong with these carts. Sometimes they have wheels that are more squarish than round or the reverse shifter is broke. I really love the ones that just shut down if you move slightly in the seat. Great "feature". The general maneuverability is amazing. It only takes 6 turns, if you are lucky, to make a u-turn in an aisle. Honestly, the only people that are good drivers in these things have Go Go Gadget arms and the ability to parallel park a semi.

What really bothers me about this carts is the other people in the store. These carts can't just scoot to the side like normal carts. And yet, people expect them to. There must be some unwritten rule where etiquette no longer dictates that you move if someone says excuse me while they are in an electric cart. I have accidentally almost taken out several displays because the aisles are too narrow. I should have taken out a few shoppers who decided to cut my cart off but I haven't. Have I mentioned how the carts shut off if you suddenly stop?

Perhaps the worst part is the people who say that I don't need the cart. Most days all I can manage to walk is to where they keep the electric carts. I will gladly not use the barely operating scooters just as soon as you cure my MS. That is what I should reply to those people but usually I'm too busy concentrating on not accidentally plowing into their shins. I'd like to be able to visit the grocery store without people judging me.

There are many invisible disabilities a person could have that necessitate using an electric cart. Please don't make comments or give dirty looks just because it doesn't look like that person needs it. Please try to give these malfunctioning device operators a bit more room.
Oh and teenage boys, pull up your pants! No one wants to see your boxers and certainly not at eye level.

This has been your public service announcement. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming.

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