Monday, January 23, 2012

Drugs are working?

I have been on Gilenya for a month now. People keep asking if it is working and I have no idea. It is too soon to tell. Even if i had been on the drug for a few months the only way to know how the drug is working is through an MRI. And even if there are fewer lesions, active or not, on the MRI that doesn't mean that it is because of the drug. I could just be "in remission". And my MS could be progressing without any bad stuff showing up. Bad stuff referring to new or active lesions, brain shrinkage or any of other that fun stuff. It doesn't seem fair that I can get worse without it showing up but I suppose that's pretty much why MS is so hard to treat. 

Anyways, I think I'm doing well on it. I haven't had any new flare ups since I started the Gilenya. My symptoms don't seem to be getting worse. For awhile it seemed like my legs were almost totally back to normal but now they can be good or bad at anytime again. I have experienced very few side effects from the Gilenya. For the first few days, it was extremely painful if I wasn't laying down with my back straight but now the back pain is completely gone. The only side effect I have now is dry skin which is just horrible. Just kidding, it isn't that bad at all but if you know of a good scalp lotion please let me know. And I have either another month or three month supply coming for free on Friday. I get to spend 12 hours waiting at home because apparently I'm the only one that can sign for it? Whatever, kinda a small sacrifice for free drugs. All in all I can't really complain. 

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