Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm not dead yet

I haven't written in a while because I haven't known what to say. I have a lot rumbling through my mind that I'd like to write about but I have figured out how to accurately put them into words or complete thoughts yet. 

I never did follow up with the ophthalmologist like I was supposed to after my ER visit. They would have dilated my eyes and everything which I need to lay down for a few hours after otherwise I get a bad migraine. I didn't want to miss my extended family's Christmas party so I didn't go. I'm glad I skipped going since that was the first time the entire family was together in three years and it was nice to see everyone. 

Anyways I talked to my doctor and the doctor who was on call. They think the steroids had raised my blood sugar which is what caused my messed up vision. The call doctor had wanted the ER to take my blood sugar but they didn't so we will never really know the cause. I didn't see the eye doctor when I was there either so the whole trip was kinda moot and a waste of time. Oh well, at least insurance paid for the whole thing. It is a little worrisome that I have never had a reaction to the steroids before and then this popped up. I was on antibiotics at the time and they could have speed up the metabolism rate of the steroids? Not sure but I'm glad that Dr. Maas isn't saying no more steroids in the future. They make me feel so good I don't want to give them up.

After the Christmas party we drove down to visit my family in Tennessee. It was a nice trip but I feel bad because my health limited what we did. I had some bad fevers and just overall wasn't feeling good. Seems like I spent half the trip laying down. Apparently all that resting just wasn't enough because since we got home I have had pretty bad fatigue. 

2012 is off to a great start? I guess I can't really complain because so far no doctor appointments. Soon...I have another dozen appointments coming up in a week or two. Most of which I need to schedule yet...hey it's been nice pretending that I don't need to go. Wow can you believe that January is almost over already? Maybe it is just me because I have been Lady Van Winkle lately but I keep thinking its like January 6th. 

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