Sunday, November 13, 2011

Group Meeting

We went to a MS group meeting. Every one else was 2 or 3 times our age. One lady actually referred to us as babies. There is another group that is meeting in December for people in their 20s and 30s and I'm hoping that group is more my speed. I'm glad we went to the meeting but it was kinda weird. It just didn't feel very welcoming. I guess I was expecting the meeting to be like AAA meetings are shown on tv. Hello, my name is Katie and I have MS. And of course there would be donuts. There were a lot of snacks but no donuts. It seemed more like a PTA meeting.

There was a yoga instructor who specializes in MS exercises there as guest speaker so that was cool. I have been thinking about signing up for his class so it was nice to learn more information. I still think yoga is very weird. It is a nice stretch but not really a workout. I didn't find it super relaxing but it is kinda hard to when we are mediating and a guy starts eating a crunchy snack. This was the same guy who was complaining that he was too full to do all the exercises. So then you decided to eat more? ?

My kind of Yoga
Yoga is not an ideal exercise for me. It is hard for me to sit still or quiet my mind. I like the classes were the instructor is telling you to push it not take it easy. I kept trying to do the moves just like the instructor was, pushing to do them perfect. This is apparently the opposite goal of yoga. I didn't understand all of the directions. How do you relax your eye muscles? Pretty much every time he would say to focus on your breathing, I would end up holding my breath. I think I'll end up joining the yoga class but mostly because I want to work out but there aren't really any other exercises I can do right now. The class did seem to help alleviate some of the numbness in my foot.

At the end of the meeting some people came up and talked to us which was nice but they seemed to be pushing pretty hard to make sure we would come back. I'm glad I checked it out but don't know if I'll go again.

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