Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some pretty good news

The appeal is done! Hopefully it is good enough. Now I just need to wait up to 30 days for an answer. 

I recently found out that I'm managing my Celiac's disease (the reason i cant digest gluten). We also got some more answers on what has been causing my stomach issues.

My eyesight is still 20/20 and I have no eye issues. I'm so grateful that my MS hasn't and isn't affecting my vision. Did you know that they can now measure your visual acuity (vision clearness) with a machine? You watch a fuzzy barn move and it can tell you if you need glasses. The tests all went well but it kind messed my eyes up after. 

I have been taking Magnesium to improve my muscle and nerve function. I'm not sure if it is helping that or if I'm just slowly getting over this flare up but it turns out that it is really helping my heart. About two days before I found out I had MS, I found out I had a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse. It generally isn't a problem for people but I have a family history of heart conditions so it was a bit more concerning. That and my arrhythmia was very pronounced. The medical students were impressed with how cool it sounded. Anyways, the EKG showed no arrhythmia and I passed no problem. The heart monitoring before the Magnesium showed many irregularities. Now I need to find a new trick to impress the med students with.

And my liver is either functioning very well or slightly bad. Not all the test results are back and I'm not totally sure how to read them. 

The Packers are still on a winning streak and I watched a full game. Plus the silly looking trucker hats are gone. 

So all and all pretty good news. 

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