Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wheelchair fitting

I have a wheelchair fitting early tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect. They are coming to our apartment so I don't think that they will be bringing a bunch of wheelchairs and seeing what I look the best in. The only thing that I can picture this being similar to is a dress fitting. 

I don't need a wheelchair all the time. Even when my flare was at its worst I was still able to walk (except for when I wasn't allowed to eat). I'm walking and standing much better but my stamina isn't totally back yet. I am getting a wheelchair now because insurance is covering 100% of the costs. Then I will have it ready for when the next flare up hits. We "borrowed" a transport chair and that really helped but it isn't a long term solution. Most people start with a cane then move to a walker and then onto a wheelchair if they need it. The problem for me is that both of my legs can be bad so a cane doesn't do much to help. I tried a walker but that was a mess, I kept tripping over my own feet. So it is easiest for me just to skip right to a wheelchair when I need extra assistance moving. It's a tool that can help me and I try not to fight using it. The wheelchair will be there for when we visit museums or things that require a lot of walking. Plus, I want to skip to the front of the line at amusement parks (just kidding). I should be able to get a nice lightweight non-hospital looking one so I can lift it in and out of the car by myself. That's the goal anyways. 

I have not heard anything back about my appeal yet but I anxiously check the mail every day for a reply. Hopefully the saying "no news is good news" applies here. We are switching insurance companies at the beginning of the new year so it is really important that I get approved now otherwise I will have to go through the same thing again with the new company. 

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