Sunday, December 25, 2011

an inconvienent doctor's appointment

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a trip to the ER. Made the trip on Christmas Eve. After putting off calling the on call neurologist all day I finally called and she told me to go get it checked out at the ER. After a few more hours of procrastinating I finally when to the ER. I was using all kinds of delay tactics to keep from going. First I just need to wrap presents and eat lunch then eating lunch turned into eating dinner...

The doctor wanted me to get checked out because it could have been a reaction to the Gilenya or a new MS symptom. It wasn't really an emergency but more of an inconvienent doctor's appointment. My vision was a blurry and I kept having trouble focusing. It was also making me feel kinda dizzy. This all had started on Friday and it hadn't gone away when i took my migraine medication. 

The ER doctor was kinda a jerk. I know I wasn't a true emergency case but he could have been a little more respectful. I'm pretty sure he thought I was high. When he started his exam he wanted me to open my eyes and my response was to open my mouth. I was sitting there for a few seconds with my mouth open before I was like oh my eyes and figured it out. 

My blood pressure was really high when I went in. After spending a few hours in the ER I started feeling better. My vision and blood pressure were better so I left. It doesn't look like it was macular edema or optic neuritis. Not really sure what it was or why it got better but we found out that it didn't seem like it was serious. I'm supposed to follow up with my othamologist on Monday or Tuesday to make sure it isn't macular edema. I'm going to keep take the Gilenya until we know more. 

What a great start to the holiday celebrations. It was kinda a waste of time but I guess it's better that I got it checked out. As long as the inconvienent doctor visits don't become a holiday tradition I think I can deal with it. Merry Christmas everyone. 

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