Monday, July 18, 2016

I was admitted to the hospital on 7/14 or Day -5. The days are negative until I get my stem cells back on 7/19, after that they are positive until I'm released somewhere Day 8-10. Admission this time went much more slowly, hurray for less than a four hour wait but the PICC line was still bothering me so we had to adjust it and do X-rays to make sure it was in the right place. Eventually everything got settled and we got chemo started in the afternoon followed by rATG. I really have no idea how the rATG works but it is something that is derived from rabbit antibodies that helps suppress my immune system more.

I spent a lot of time on those two days making sure that my medicines where in the system correctly and that the pharmacy wasn't giving me things that I was allergic to. This turned out to be quite a process. I was told to bring the meds I take at home with me as this reduces costs for us and then I know I'm not allergic to them. I'm not sure why but some of them were entered into the system incorrectly and I really had to watch to make sure that I was getting the right dose at the right time, not the easiest process with the chemo fog I might add. Then I find out that the meds aren't being checked before they are given to me to make sure I'm not actually allergic to them. Um kinda a big deal. It is straightened out now but it is a little scary how that all was allowed to happen.

Dealing with the silly medicine issues were more difficult than the chemo, glad it got straightened out.
Battling the PICC's just a flesh wound

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