Monday, July 25, 2016

Stemmie Birthday

On July 19, I received my stem cells back celebrating my stemmie birthday. It was kinda of an odd experience, everyone kept congratulating me and wishing me happy birthday which is cool, just different. I have been processing the day over in my head and everyone acts like it is a big deal but I didn't really do much, like it was just kinda like any of the other infusions that I have been getting. I think I might be holding myself back from experiencing these feelings of joy a little bit but I'm scared of what the future holds. Don't get me wrong, I think this is best chance at treatment. I don't know what this treatment holds in store for me and I'm hoping for the best but I will take whatever I can get. I would love, absolutely love, if this treatment were to stop my MS and reverse disability but if it just slows the disease down then I will take it. So it is hard for me to think of my stemmie birthday as this life changing event because I don't know what will happen and kinda don't want to jinx it. And even if does work amazingly, does this one day really make a difference? I mean I could technically go through this procedure without getting my stem cells back I just wouldn't have an immune system for really long time. But at the same time it is nice to have a moment to celebrate. So speaking of celebrating, time to get out of my head space....

My stem cells arrived from storage in a big super cooled tank. Apparently they were frozen solid and if you drop them in that state bad things happen, good thing I wasn't handling them lol. Once they thawed out the chaplain said a quick blessing and crossed me with the holy water we got from the Vatican. Then we started infusing the stem cells. Somehow in all of the excitement we didn't really get any pictures of the stem cells but it basically just looked like a bag of applesauce. It took about twenty minutes and then Jon and I celebrated with donuts. The whole thing went pretty smooth.

Later in the afternoon, I did get some nausea because for some reason this process and make it smell like you are exhaling creamed corn. It didn't bother me at first but then it started to get funky. Once I gave in and took the anti-nausea medicine it went away. Of course this was after my wonderful husband headed back home. Sorry babe for making you smell that all afternoon 😝

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