Monday, July 18, 2016


After harvest I was home for about a week resting then testing my limits then trying to figure out what to pack for a three week hospital stay. All in all it was actually a pretty relaxing stay. Got to fit in a few more things that I won't be able to do once I don't have an immune system.
A mohawk!

I headed down early for a wig fitting. I was debating saying anything because I wanted you to be impressed with how quickly and beautifully my hair grew back lol. Technically, all my hair hasn't fallen out yet either we just buzzed it really short when I started to get weird, painful sensations but once I undergo more chemo it should all fall out.

It was a bit of a fit to get it covered by insurance which is silly because they said they would cover one of anything at any price as long as it was in network. The kicker is that they don't have a list of in network providers so I kinda had to make one magically appear. But I ended up having a wonderful experience at the place and will soon have a wig. Any guesses as to what color I picked??
As a bonus they also had this head balm that it perfect for my itchy shaved chemo head which had been making it difficult to sleep.

The next day I had an appointment to get my PICC line placed, it's basically a multi port iv line that stays in for a long time. It was a bit of a mess. I didn't know when to come in until the day before and then had to wait over an hour to be seen. This all would have been fine if it were the extent of problems.... I ended up spending over for 5 hours there for what normally takes about 90 minutes. It started getting quite painfully as the line was being placed which apparently isn't normal and then I'm less than 5% of people who have a problem with their veins spasming. This started to push the line out so we had to bandage it up and wait for a radiology operating room. It took longer than they expected to get the room ready and in the mean time I managed to spasm a few more inches out and bleed all over the dressing. They whisk me off to the rather scary looking room, did a bunch of scans and proceeded to basically ram the rest of the line up my entire arm. That was definitely not what I call a little pressure. I left unable to move my right (dominant) arm for the rest of the day. I know can move it somewhat but still don't have full range of motion. Thankfully the pain has decreased. I can't yet feed myself with that arm but good thing I have all that practice from breaking both my arms.

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