Monday, December 12, 2011

Good-ish News

I have a little bit of good news. My request to have my student loans deferred so I don't have to worry about starting to pay those back for at least 6 months.  And I got approved for life insurance. We managed to get the paperwork in before my heart condition and MS diagnoses were officially in the system so they don't count as prior conditions that would disqualify me.

And I am driving again, sometimes. I only drive when my right foot and head aren't bothering for short distances during the day where there isn't traffic. But it is a start and it is nice to have some independence back. We went to the holiday get together for the MS group and we all went around saying what we were thankfully for and that's what I said I was thankfully for. Everyone started applauding for me. I don't really get it because I don't feel like I did anything but I suppose it is an accomplishment. It was nice to talk to people there but it was also kinda hard because in the last month 6 people have started Gileyna and I'm not one of them :(. Last month most people hadn't even heard of that drug and now it seems like everyone is on it.

If only I could get some good news on starting Gileyna... There are some issues confirming that my appeal and not just the doctor's appeal was denied. Its a mess but I'm trying not to worry about it until I see my neuro on Thursday.

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