Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please stay on the line

This post was actually around Thanksgiving but I apparently never posted it so here it is now.

The wheelchair fitting was a lie. It was actually supposed to be next week but it was put on the calendar wrong. Not that it really matters because this appears like it is just going to be another thing the insurance company wants to jerk me around on. This situation is further complicated since we are since switching insurance companies. Right now I have to wait for an opening to try to get fitted this year.

I have a wheelchair that is on loan from a friend. I want to get a lightweight one because when I'm having a flare up a regular wheelchair is too heavy for me to lift on my own. I can do it but it takes 5 minutes of pushing to get it in the car and then I'm exhausted and have to wait a while before I can drive. This doesn't seem like it is very helpful. I also need more of a custom chair because I have long legs. On most chairs my feet/legs don't fit and my feet drag on the ground or hit the front wheels. Who would have thought that wheelchairs are designed for short old ladies or people too fat to walk? So I need something special and I guess I'll just stay on the phone until that happens.

You know what might be the worse part about having a chronic medical condition? Spending so much time on the phone talking to insurance companies and doctors and everyone else. I can usually tolerate the physical symptoms but I can't stand talking on the phone. I don't think it would be so bad if over half the call wasn't spent being on hold. Hold music really isn't that bad, it is much preferable to the company announcements. Do they ever update their menus? Im pretty sure it is just a trick to delay from reaching an actual human. I spend on average about four hours a day on the phone. Dealing with my MS would be so much easier if people could actually be competent at their jobs but since that is probably too much to ask for, I just wish I didn't have spend as much time on the phone.

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