Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post Observation

The observation day ended up going pretty well. The last reading of my blood pressure and pulse had dropped a little more then the doctor liked so I was given IV fluids. I dropped just over 20 beats. I started the day with a slightly high blood pressure and pulse and ended up a little below average. I was given the fluids because of the drops and I felt a little lightheaded. I think I was feeling that way because I didn't sleep well the night before, like at all. So I have learned that I need to take a sleeping pill everyday I'm on steroids even if I feel tired because otherwise I won't sleep. I have not been very good at taking my oral steroids on a regular schedule this time around and I have been having some big swings between feeling great and horrible. This also makes it harder to sleep if I take the steroids a little late since it winds me up.

The doctor told me to take it easy and rest today. Drink lots of fluid to make sure my blood pressure and pulse don't drop more. Unfortunately, taking it easy doesn't mesh well with the whole preparing for hosting Christmas thing. Oh well I'm taking it easy today and I guess I'll worry get everything done tomorrow.

Apparently some people have been missing the funny pictures and whatnot on my blog lately. Hopefully these links will help make up for that.
Underwater Ink
Exploding Ornaments
Vader Christmas Choir

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