Friday, December 16, 2011

What a day

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day. I sent the whole day at the doctor office, well actually two. Physical therapy went well and then started the phone tag portion of the day. My Judy called and told my to call my Gilenya rep to start the patient assistance program application. So I called the Gileyna rep and we basically went over everything we talked about last week again. It didn't seem like she did anything since then. Then she said that we didn't qualify for the patient assistance even though earlier in the week she said it would go through. I was pretty frustrated but rocking out to Run DMC helped. Turns out that I started signing along out loud a bit. This older guy was kinda laughing at me until I pulled out my headphones and then he started singing and dancing along with me. Nothing like karaoke in the hospital lobby.
It wasn't quite this desperate looking. We were way cooler grooving the lobby.
The Gileyna lady was using the wrong numbers to see if we qualified. With the correct numbers I do qualify for the patient assistance. Hooray because there is no way we can afford to pay over $50,000 a year for one medication. She said she would send me the paperwork that she said she would send last week. No clue why she didn't send it already but whatever.

Jon picked me up for lunch and dropped me off at my neurologist. The doctor had a cancellation so my appointment got bumped up (this really worked out in my fortune). I have been suffering from daily migraines, vertigo and some other weird new symptoms. One of the new symptoms is jaw pain. It maybe a sign of TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) or it could just be too much tension in my head. Or something?

My vertigo was so bad that I couldn't do all his tests. We aren't totally sure if I'm having another flare up or if pushing it too much is triggering my migraines and that is prompting MS symptoms but a course of steroids should calm whatever is going on down. It is a good thing I was hanging around early because otherwise I won't have been able to start steroids today, fill a prescription, set up all my future appointments or work on the Gilenya mess with Judy.

I think My Judy deserves a Dundee
My Judy is amazing. She worked her magic and got me the forms I need to start Gilenya. I'm still waiting on the paperwork from the drug company from 2 weeks ago. Not only that but she got "samples" to cover me until they ship my drugs. No clue how she did this because they definitely don't give out samples but I don't care how it happened. I start Gilenya next week!! My Judy needs an award.

My day started out frustrating but ended out a high note. I wish I could have started the medication sooner but I'm so happy to be able to start it this year.

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